director: David Frankel

Collateral Beauty

December 16, 2016
Howard is a prominent businessman and owns 60 percent of an advertising company. But he turns his back on both the company and his family after the loss of his 6-year-old daughter. Now he just spends his time playing dominoes, riding his bike and writing letters to "Love," "Time" and "Death." When [...]

Hope Springs

August 8, 2012
Kay and Arnold are having intimacy problems and Kay seeks the advice of a marriage counselor played by Steve Carrell. During their sessions, the counselor talks openly about Kay and Arnold's sex lives including what acts they engage in and if she fantasizes and masturbates. Each day of the [...]

The Big Year

October 14, 2011
This movie is, for all intents and purposes, a morality tale. It's too bad the content in the language department crosses our acceptable level because it is a charming movie in various ways. It features three men who want to win "The Big Year", the highest total points for either seeing or hearing [...]

Marley and Me

December 25, 2008
Marley is quite a dog. He has no shame and doesn't know what it means to be embarrassed. When his owner, John Grogan, visits a home for sale, Marley moves with lightning speed and runs through the house to the open back door and dives in the pool. Grogan is the one embarrassed, and he asks the [...]

The Devil Wears Prada

June 30, 2006
Anne Hathaway is to die for. She does a wonderful job in the role and is a joy to watch on screen. Meryl Streep plays an all-business executive who has everyone running around frightened of her. In many cases she doesn't even call her employees by their correct names. Streep portrays Miranda [...]