director: Dennis Dugan

Grown Ups 2

When you hear that Adam Sandler is the writer of a movie you can be sure that you will get what you expect; a grossly over-the-top and tasteless film full of current and former SNL cast members. "Grown Ups 2" is a movie that will appeal to anyone but a grown up. The sight gags are frequent and [...]

Jack and Jill

This movie surprised me. In one scene someone quotes, "Ye of little faith" and someone else wants to know who originally said that, was it Shakespeare? "No, Jesus", replies Jack, one twin played by Adam Sandler. He also plays Jill, Jack's sister. In another surprising scene, an employee comments to [...]

Just Go With It

Danny (Adam Sandler), a plastic surgeon, was once dumped at the altar so now he tells hard-luck stories and talks about how bad his "wife" has been to him in order to wind up in bed with several women. Then he meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), a bright young woman who is caring and with whom he might [...]

Grown Ups

The joke in this movie is that the grown-ups, namely the characters played by Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade and Chris Rock, are really big kids who act like juveniles when they get around each other. They like to ogle women, make jokes, hit each other and sometimes act on the gross side. [...]

You Dont Mess with the Zohan

This film probably has something in it to offend just about everyone. It is filled with sexual slangs, innuendos and some scenes of rear nudity. Not to mention some very strong language. Although the characters at the end, some of which are Arab and others Israelis, talk of being like a family in [...]

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

This movie has something in it to offend just about everybody. I really went into it hoping to enjoy the inside jokes about the farce Larry and Chuck were attempting to pull off. But it has strong language, nudity, sexual innuendos throughout, deceit as a continuing theme of the plot, a comment [...]

The Benchwarmers – Filtered

This film is, I must admit, was pretty funny. The acting was great. Sometimes I wonder how actors can keep a straight face while playing parts like this. The film contained many good lessons, such as children should not pick on others just because they are different or thinking of them as being a " [...]

The Benchwarmers

This film does have some laugh-out-loud funny moments. It does have a nice moral lesson in it about not calling kids names just because they are different. It even shows character growth in a few of the characters. Unfortunately, the language is too strong and are the sexual innuendos so we cannot [...]

Saving Silverman

In the past week, I have seen two films featuring a man taking a bowel movement. This one also features a buttocks enhancement operation where we see a device placed under the skin of a buttocks. And it is sad to report that there are writers in Hollywood who still believe dimwits uttering [...]