director: Denzel Washington


December 25, 2016
"Fences" is an apt title for this dramatic film, as it focuses on a man who wants to keep some things inside and other things out. Denzel Washington gives a layered performance as Troy Maxson, a husband and father who works as a garbage man. His wife Rose (Viola Davis) loves him loyally, and he [...]

The Great Debaters

December 25, 2007
"Do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do." So says a college professor in speaking to his son. He then sends him off to do his homework. The young man eventually does realize a dream by speaking on his school's debate team. This film is an emotionally moving and well-made [...]

Antwone Fisher

December 25, 2002
"Antwone Fisher" is an inspiring and touching story of a young man overcoming a bad childhood and maturing as an adult, but the foul language and violent scenes involving children prevent us from awarding it the Dove [...]