director: Gabriele Muccino

Playing for Keeps (2012)

December 7, 2012
This is a movie with a warm "feel good" ending and features a good story. It's unfortunate that the film contains a few items which drive it over the top of our acceptability level for family-friendly viewing. George Dryer (Gerard Butler) was a soccer star and the movie opens with three of his [...]

Seven Pounds

December 19, 2008
Will Smith has played many dramatic parts lately but none as traumatic and sad as the one he plays here. His character has caused the deaths of seven individuals including his wife and he makes the decision to literally give a "Pound of Flesh" for each one to pay for his self assessed crimes. This [...]

The Pursuit of Happyness

December 15, 2006
This film is very good in some respects. Will Smith turns in a stellar performance as Chris Gardner, a down-and-out salesman who hasn't sold anything lately. Due to the financial stress in their lives, his wife finds that she cannot cope and leaves him and their five-year-old son as she believes [...]