director: Gregory Hoblit


January 25, 2008
This film is certainly something I would classify as a twisted murder mystery. With technology becoming more and more advanced, the killer in this film uses the internet to kill his victims. The movie is fast moving and full of action. The acting is phenomenal and the plot is somewhat original. The [...]


April 20, 2007
"Fracture" is a battle of wits between accused murderer Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) and district attorney Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling). The two are evenly matched and just when you think one has the upper hand in their duel of the erudite, the other one comes up with an ace up his sleeve. [...]


April 28, 2000
Although it contains several large gaps in plausibility and has pacing problems in the beginning, “Frequency" is an entertaining film. The suspenseful plot is fairly complex, holding the viewers attention, and there is a charming performance by Quaid. Alas, while giving us positive portrayals [...]