director: Harold Ramis

Year One

Okay. Where do I start? Do I mention the character who tells his friend he committed incest with his mother? Or the scene in which a character eats poop? Or the scene in which a virgin man has sex with his virgin girlfriend, and tells everyone, "I just had sex with my girlfriend", or the biblical [...]

The Ice Harvest – Filtered

February 28, 2006
"The Ice Harvest" had some big names, but that certainly doesn’t make for a good movie as it was about murder, larceny and cover-ups. There was too much violence, even in the filtered version, to come close to being a good family-centered movie. There’s a reason "The Ice Harvest" was [...]

The Ice Harvest

This is one of the worst films with good actors that I have seen in a very long time. The writing was terrible. It seemed like they couldn't think of anything to have the characters say so they just kept writing dialog with graphic obscenities and profanities. This was supposed to be a comedy [...]

Analyze That

This sequel is even more vulgar than the original, "Analyze This" (1999). Much of the humor is cruel and demeaning and draws little laughter from viewers. The plot of "Analyze That" is entertaining, but it cannot be Dove approved because of the sexual content, violence and continuous bad [...]