director: Joel Schumacher

The Number 23

February 23, 2007
This psychological thriller/drama had a twist that I didn't see coming and it was definitely an "aha" moment at the end. I don't frequent these type of pictures so I can't comment on whether anyone else saw the twist coming or not, but it definitely was well hidden as far as keeping me guessing. [...]

The Phantom of the Opera

December 31, 2004
This film is based on the wildly popular "Phantom of the Opera" play produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber in the mid 1980's. The leads in this film are Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum, who replace the stage duo of Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman. Both Butler and Rossum do a fantastic job. Singing [...]

Bad Company

June 7, 2002
Typical of action films, violence is plentiful with numerous shootouts, fights and chases. However, most of the shootings and fights avoid graphic wounds. When Jake returns to his hotel room, the silhouette of his brother’s girlfriend is seen in his shower. She is later shown in skimpy underwear. [...]


October 6, 2000
The movie does well in making you feel for our soldiers and what they went through, and this was all before they even went to the actual war. As a military consultant, the filmmakers used Capt.Dale Dye, well known for giving a realistic war portrayal to many films, including “Saving Private [...]