director: John Asher

I Hate Kids

January 18, 2019
Synopsis Nick Pearson is a successful author, notable for his writings about how kids ruin relationships. He is about to settle down with his perfect mate. However, on the night of their rehearsal dinner, a 13-year old boy shows up, claiming to be his son. The Dove Review This film proves that, [...]

A Boy Called Po

April 26, 2016

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"Po" is an inspiring story about a committed father, David Wilson (Christopher Gorham), and his love and concern for his autistic son, Patrick, fondly called "Po" (Julian Feder). The two lead actors are terrific, and so are the other members of the cast, including Kaitlin Doubleday who plays Amy, a [...]


February 18, 2000
Kirk Douglas personally fought for the MPAA Ratings Board to give this film a PG-13 after it had initially been rated R. But it still contains three profanities and the dialogue is peppered with many obscenities; there aresexual conversations and situations as the old man takes his son and [...]