director: Len Wiseman

Total Recall (2012)

As far as the family is concerned, this movie should be "recalled." Despite an interesting storyline and impressive special effects, the film registers a three rating in nudity, a four in violence, and a five in language and anything three or above in our content listing places a film outside of [...]

Live Free or Die Hard

November 20, 2007
This film has almost non-stop action and there are some funny moments in it. Willis basically does a self-parody of the ridiculous stunts he survives time after time. At one point when he takes out a helicopter with a car, he says, "I was out of bullets!" However, the thing that really nagged me [...]

Underworld: Evolution

If you enjoy graphic, gratuitous violence, sex, group sex, nudity, occult themes and foul language then "Underworld Evolution" is the film for you. I found it disgusting on many levels and certainly would warn families to stay as far away from this flick as [...]


Due to severe violence, objectionable language and demonic/occult references, Dove cannot award the Dove Family-Friendly Seal to [...]