director: Marco Deufemia

The Ponysitters Club

August 10, 2018

Dove Approved for All Ages

The Ponysitters Club is a wholesome and story-focused television series about a rescue ranch for animals, and the characters are engaging and delightful. One of the main characters, Skye (Morgan Neundorf), loves working at the ranch with her mother, Billy (Madeline Leon), and her Grandpa (Hugh [...]

48 Christmas Wishes

November 1, 2017

Dove Approved for All Ages

48 Christmas Wishes invites us into the warm, creative home of Santa as he and the elves prepare for another Christmas of delivering special wishes. The North Pole runs like clockwork; each elf happily assigned to an important job. In the mailroom, we find Sammy, Mindy and Cam, and although this is [...]

A Very Country Christmas Homecoming

Dove Approved for All Ages

**This review is contributed by Super Channel—a channel dedicated to providing integrity and accountability in today's entertainment. Based on a 2011 Harlequin Montana Mavericks novel, “His Country Cinderella” by Karen Rose Smith, A Very Country Christmas Homecoming is a charming family [...]