director: McG

3 Days to Kill

The movie takes place in Paris and stars Kevin Costner as an aging Secret Services Agent named Ethan Runner. He is estranged from his wife and is the father of a teen girl. He is dying but is offered an opportunity to use an experimental drug that just might save his life, if the hallucinations it [...]

This Means War

The entertainment in this film is there without question if you like plenty of action. The plot is interesting as two federal agents fall for the same girl and she in turn falls for them and has to decide which one she wants to be with on a permanent basis. However, the language is strong [...]

We Are Marshall

We found this movie to be inspirational and moving. It begins with the statement on screen: "This is a true story," not "This is based on a true story," so the producers obviously went to great lengths to ensure that the story they portrayed was accurate. It is a heart-wrenching story and yet it [...]

Charlies Angels

This feminine and witty answer to 007 - with a bit of Modesty Blaise thrown in for good measure - is loads of fun. The spoof never takes itself seriously, yet never belittles its characters. It may be the best time I’ve had in at the movies this entire year. Alas, Ms. Liu manages to profane [...]