director: Michael Mann


January 16, 2015
"Blackhat" is a movie that cyber specialists will especially enjoy. Although I followed the plot for the most part, the filmmakers definitely lost me on a couple of occasions when they got into technical terms. But this movie is not simply a thinking person's film. It features several action scenes [...]

Public Enemies

July 1, 2009
Johnny Depp gives a vivid performance as gangster John Dillinger, the Depression-era outlaw who robbed banks and became J. Edgar Hoover's and the FBI's public enemy number one. Depp, who has played everything from Willy Wonka to Captain Jack Sparrow, brings an edge and hardness to this role, mixed [...]

Miami Vice

July 28, 2006
Michael Mann tries to take us back to a couple of characters many watched in the 80's. Unfortunately, he is a better TV director than a movie director and it shows. Grainy film footage stitched in with many scenes shot with hand held cameras make for a jittery ride. The film is long with little [...]


August 6, 2004
In Collateral, Max is basically a good, hardworking man. He is mentally manipulated and physically forced into a hostile partnership with Vincent. Vincent’s moral code somehow permits him to use people if he pays them and then to take the lives of others if he is being paid for it. He shows no [...]


December 25, 2001
The movie’s foul language is relatively light for an R-rated film, but it does include six obscenities, and God’s name taken in vain once. One graphic sex scene is shown with Ali and his future wife, although no nudity is revealed. Because of foul language and a graphic sex scene, we cannot [...]