director: Mike Nichols

Charlie Wilsons War

"Charlie Wilson's War" captures the essence of what is good about American foreign policy and what is bad about our policies, both generally and specifically with the Afghan War. This film, based on a true story, is very well written and has a tremendous cast. It gives us an inside look at what [...]

What Planet Are You From?

The movie was actually quite funny; with a positive statement about the importance of waiting for sex until you are married. Unfortunately, the language and adult situations make it inappropriate for children and many Christians. After all, the main character’s mission in the movie is to have [...]

Wolf – Filtered

November 26, 1997
Nicholson makes this werewolf movie better than the others of it’s kind, but it is still a typical werewolf flick. Added to the mix was adultery and bloody wolf attacks. It’s not exactly a “howling” good movie for the [...]