director: Neil Jordan

The Brave One

This is a riveting psychological thriller, rife with fear and one woman's reaction to it. Jodie Foster gives a very strong performance in her role as the victim of violence, as she suffers both a beating herself, and the loss of her fiance'. As she declares in the film, she becomes a very different [...]

Interview With The Vampire – Filtered

September 25, 1998
"Interview With The Vampire" is aptly named-a reporter interviews a vampire and learns the story of his life before he was a vampire and how he became one, and what it has done to his life. It also shows the struggle the main character went through to fight his urge to kill people. He tried going [...]

Were No Angels (1989)

This film features two big names in Robert DeNiro and Sean Penn. This comedy focuses on their release from Black Ridge State Penitentiary in 1935 and the situations they get into afterward. They wind up impersonating priests, Father Brown and Father Riley, and although the impersonation of priests [...]