director: Norman Jewison

Fiddler On The Roof

January 23, 2007

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This Academy-Award winning film is humorous and features fine performances, especially from the star Topol who plays Tevye the milkman. The film focuses on his difficult life as a poor man and his three daughters who fall in love with three men whom he wouldn't have chosen for them. But does he let [...]

Moonstruck – Filtered

April 18, 2006
"Moonstruck" had a good story-line, was easy to follow, and quite interesting. It was not approved because of the fornication and adultery that was going on during the film, and there were no consequences for these [...]

Only You – Filtered

February 1, 2000
“Only you” is a romantic film starring Marisa Tomei as Faith, Bonnie Hunt as Kate, and Robert Downey Jr. as Walter. While teenagers, these three young people experiment with a Ouija board. As a consequence of their experience with the spirit influencing the board, Faith, in her adult life, sets [...]

The Cincinnati Kid – Filtered

The Cincinnati Kid is a film about a man who is very good at poker. He challenges the best poker player to a match. He stops the dealer from cheating and he ends up loosing everything he has + $5,000. It was somewhat captivating but not approved because of the inappropriate sexual [...]