director: Renny Harlin

The Legend of Hercules

The actor who plays Hercules, Kellan Lutz, looks like a combination between Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth. He is a likable Hercules and certainly has the physical build for the part. The film contains a lot of action and a love story in which the woman Hercules loves has been chosen by the king [...]

12 Rounds

The bad guy in this movie, Miles, wants revenge on the good guy, Danny Jackson, on the anniversary of their last meeting in which Miles' girlfriend was accidentally killed. But is that the real reason behind this scheme Miles has set in motion? This is one of those movies that makes you sit on the [...]

The Covenant

"The Covenant" portrays the descendents of the original witches of Ipswitch, who are a group of testosterone-laden prep-school boys, who happen to have inherited supernatural powers. They use their powers to lift up a woman's skirt, throw each other around when their egos clash, and ultimately [...]

Mindhunters – Filtered

September 20, 2005
"Mind Hunters" was a very intriguing film of 8 FBI agents sent to an island to continue training when they learn that one of them is a serial killer. In order to save their lives they need to find out which one of them is the killer. The film was suspenseful and left the viewer guessing throughout [...]


"Mindhunters" is the wrong title for this film. It should more rightly be called "Mindwasters" as this is what those unfortunates who actually spent 106 minutes in a theater watching this movie were doing. This is a classic textbook exercise in how to make a B-movie without really trying. Take a [...]

Exorcist: The Beginning

March 1, 2005
Filled with disturbing images, "Exorcist: The Beginning" is a look at the devil from an unbiblical viewpoint. The disillusioned priest does not believe in evil as an entity but rather as the condition of man. A woman to whom the priest is attracted becomes possessed and then uses obscene language [...]


THE GOOD:…. If you want a fast-paced, adrenaline rush, with a loud, music-driven story that puts the audience in the driver’s seat to experience the exhilarating, realistic world of CART racing with action packed thrills from the opening scene to the last, go see this movie! Renny Harlin’s [...]