director: Sam Mendes


December 25, 2019
"You should meet no resistance," or at least that's what General Erinmore (Colin Firth) promised Lance Corporal Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) and Lance Corporal Schofield (George MacKay). These two young WWI British soldiers were tasked with the mission to cross into vacated enemy territory and [...]


"Spectre" is a fast-paced ride for much of the movie. You want action? Granted! You have action. The problem is that several scenes are contrived. They seem to be placed in the film not because they add to the story, but because they are fun to watch. There are some exceptions to the rule. A [...]


The latest Bond film is a little more fast-paced and action packed than the previous films were. This one has a little romance but it moves by quickly leaving plenty of time for the chases and gun fire. Someone is targeting MI6 agents and M especially. Bond must figure out who the culprit is and [...]

Revolutionary Road

The talent in this film becomes obvious by simply watching it. Both DiCaprio and Winslet breathe life into their characters, the married (but not necessarily happily) Frank and April Wheeler. This film features the theme of simply surviving and working for a paycheck while grappling with the [...]


Jarhead is the furthest thing away from a family film that I have seen in a long, long time. It contains at least 2 f-words per minute in the dialog, not to mention all the other graphically obscene language. There are several sex scenes and negative dialog about women, girlfriends and wives [...]