director: Scott Hicks

The Lucky One

Nicholas Sparks' movie will no doubt "spark" some interest (get it?) for the romantically inclined, but I was disappointed that it was in the last third of the film that it ceased to be eligible for our Dove Seal as it featured profanity and a strong sex scene. It had been pretty much sailing along [...]

No Reservations

There have been several movies in the past that had the same basic theme in which the unmarried relative becomes a guardian for a child or children, and they don't have a clue as to how to raise the child. This shows that if anyone is put in that situation he/she might make mistakes and it may not [...]

Hearts in Atlantis

September 28, 2001
Skillfully directed by Hicks (Shine, Snow Falling on Cedars) and masterfully photographed by the late Anton Yelchin (15 Minutes), this is a beautifully written and uncanny coming of age tale that reflects the older films of Frank Capra or John Ford. Watching this film was like reading a good book. [...]