director: Stephen Hopkins

Race (2016)

"Race" is an authentic film about the inspiring life of Olympian Jesse Owens. The title's double entendre is on purpose. It not only deals with the important races of the real-life Jesse Owens, who landed on the U.S. Olympic Team in track and field in 1936, but "race" is also an issue in the story, [...]

The Reaping

October 16, 2007
Hilary Swank is a talented actress as is the young AnnaSophia Robb. So some fellow reviewers and I were wondering why, following an early screening of "The Reaping", they chose this particular film to act in. We shared the consensus that the ship had wrecked in this movie. This film is convoluted, [...]

Lost in Space: Edited

January 22, 2002

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This live-action movie is based on the classic TV series from the 1960s. The special effects are amazing for the most part, but a chimp-like creature called Blarp is obviously a CGI creation. The effects don't make up for a less than stellar story line. The film simply does not have the innocent [...]

Under Suspicion

Outstanding performances highlight this cat-and-mouse drama, but the subject matter of an older man pursuing preteen girls (and possibly murdering them) is rather [...]

The Ghost and the Darkness

December 1, 1998
This is an interesting story with some suspense. Col. John Patterson (Val Kilmer) is an engineer who finds himself in colonial Uganda, attempting to build a bridge within six months so as to beat the Germans and French to it. The story takes place in 1898. Patterson leaves behind his young pregnant [...]

Lost In Space

October 6, 1998

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Danger Will Robinson! This updated version of the classic 60s TV series is loaded with special effects and perhaps too many. It bears little resemblance to the original series, and there are scenes which could be a bit intense for the very young, including the robot's attack against some of the [...]

Blown Away – Filtered

July 30, 1997
This was a captivating movie with lots of action. There were multiple bombs, one of which showed two people being thrown into the air as it exploded. There was quite a bit of drinking and smoking and one guy was drunk and waving a gun around after a friend was blown up. Because of these scenes, [...]