director: Steve Boyum

Wild Hearts

Dove Approved for All Ages

Now this is how to make a family film! Put a really good script into the mix along with really good acting and direction, and you wind up with something like "Wild Hearts," a Hallmark Channel presentation. The characters undergo change and grow and the story even has some mystery which is resolved [...]

Supercross – Filtered

January 31, 2006

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Viewers who like motocross will LOVE this movie! From the get-go the entire movie is filled with racing, jumps, tricks, crashes and bikes, bikes, bikes!! This filtered version is pretty clean and makes for a good family film. The plot is a little hard to believe and maybe even a little cheesy, but [...]


This film was not very well done, but will probably be enjoyed by those who love motorcycle racing (especially motocross). The movie is very predictable, which is made worse by some bad acting, and the cinematography is choppy at times. However, there are some excellent shots during the races [...]


Dove Approved for All Ages

Aimed at a teenaged audience, the family drama is highlighted by action-packed motorbike racing. The family prays over a meal, the siblings get along, life lessons are learned, and like "Joan of Arc," "National Velvet," and "Annie Get Your Gun," the girl power message is made abundantly clear - [...]

Moms Got a Date with a Vampire

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

What disappointed me was the exclusion of a cross in any scene. It’s tradition that Dracula and his minions in the movies are deathly afraid of the sign of the cross. When you see “children of the night” cowering from just looking at the cross, it sends out a pretty strong message – Christ [...]

Stepsister from Planet Weird

The film begins with the Larson family attempting to find quality time, only to be ignored by the workaholic father who’s too busy on the cell phone to frolic in the ocean. The next thing you know, Mom has kicked him out and soon begins dating a goofy man she meets at the beach. The apathetic [...]