director: Tony Tew

Candle in the Dark

June 30, 1998

Dove Approved for 18+

This movie shows how one man fought all odds to bring the word of God to India in 1793. William Carey, along with his family, left their home in England to be the first missionaries in India. Carey endured many trials and tribulations to teach his faith to the people of India. When he first arrived [...]

God’s Outlaw: The Story Of William Tyndale

December 27, 1988

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"God's Outlaw: The Story Of William Tyndale" is dramatic and inspiring. It tells the true story of William Tyndale, who translated the Bible from the original Greek into English for all of England, even though the Catholic Church and even the king stood against him. Before Tyndale's translating [...]

John Wycliffe: The Morningstar

September 18, 1984

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

In the 14th century, John Wycliffe attacked the corruption of the mother church in England with great courage. A zealous champion for the common people, he lived a century before Martin Luther was credited with ushering in the Protestant Reformation. Wycliffe criticized the church for hoarding [...]