director: William Friedkin


May 25, 2007
This horror film had the gore seemingly required of the genre but the plot fell short of telling any semblance of a story. Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon’s acting fails to lend anything positive to the film. However, Harry Connick Jr. is a real departure in his role as Aggie’s convict [...]


September 22, 2000
Before you read this review: I will be mentioning some rather disturbing imagery seen in this film. I do this so that you will understand why I feel everyone should pass on supporting this film. If you are opposed to a graphic discussion, please pass on this review. And for heaven’s sake, [...]

Rules Of Engagement

April 7, 2000
Extremely well made and thought provoking, “Rules of Engagement” examines both military and media behavior under the stress of combat. The film also reveals how politicians control military actions and how many in places of political power are willing to sacrifice a devoted man for the sake of [...]