director: Woody Allen

Midnight in Paris

June 10, 2011
This one has some funny moments for sure. You have to understand the plot to understand the humor though. In this one, Gil Pender is a romantic, a writer who dreams of living in Paris. In fact, he is there on business along with his fiance', who spends more time with an old boyfriend named Paul [...]


July 28, 2006
Woody Allen writes and directs "Scoop" an interesting film about a young aspiring journalist, Sondra Pransky, who stumbles onto a huge story while picked from the audience to assist the great "Splendini" in a magic trick on stage. A dead newspaperman appears to Sondra mid trick and imparts an [...]

Match Point

January 20, 2006
Shame on Woody Allen! Shame on Hollywood! This film includes a scene in which the main characters are eating at a fine restaurant and they begin to discuss family. One character mentions that a relative had a terrible accident in the past and lost his legs but then found Jesus. Another character [...]

Melinda and Melinda

April 8, 2005
I enjoyed how this movie was approached, presenting the two stories as a split narrative. Mr. Allen also shows his creativeness through how his characters endure many similar situations in each narrative. However, other than some Will Ferrell antics I did not find this film very entertaining. This [...]

Anything Else

September 19, 2003
The message of the film, “you can only depend upon yourself,” finds frequent expression. Due to an atheistic world view, several sexual encounters, crude humor, and bad language and profanity, Dove cannot award "Anything Else" the Dove [...]

Curse of the Jade Scorpion

August 24, 2001
Well, here’s one of those days where it must be getting a bit chilly in Hades. I’ve just seen a Woody Allen film that didn’t have any foul language, not even his idiosyncratic misuse of Jesus’ name at the end of each frustrated observation. Nor is there any religion bashing. Nor is he [...]

Small Time Crooks

May 19, 2000
A very funny homage to Ralph Kramden and “The Honeymooners,” I laughed my head off. His blustery failure is much like Jackie Gleason’s loveable loser, who is always looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. Woody always attempts to write a layered story, combining slapstick with pithy humor. [...]