Dove Watch List

Be a Neighbor That’s Inclusive

By Peyton Garland Joanne Rogers—The Mrs. Mr. Rogers—is as spunky and charming as you might imagine, and while her husband’s demeanor seems gentle to a fault, she has a feisty, matriarchal presence that requires only a serious eye and a few words to bring order and sense to the world. This past Wednesday, November 20th, […]

Midway Reminds Us of Those Who Serve This Veterans Day

By Jacob Sahms With Veterans Day on Monday, Midway flies into theaters in appropriate fashion, depicting the bravery of men (and women) who fought bravely, and at times sacrificed everything in defense of the freedoms we espouse in the United States. The fact that it is Roland Emmerich’s personal project should come as no surprise, […]

British Director Balances Grace & Gravity While Pursuing the Gospel

By Jacob Sahms To understand the film passion of British film director Andrew Walkington, it’s best to hear his story first. His father, first an atheist, then a Jehovah’s witness, and finally a lay preacher in the Methodist church, died when Walkington was six. His mother, a Christian in name only, lost custody of her […]

Jason Wright’s Christmas Jars: From Story to Movie … to Movement?

By Jacob Sahms Jason F. Wright is a good guy. Whether you meet him in person at an event like I did a decade ago or are a stranger who encounters him somewhere traversing the continental United States, you have a similar experience. You find yourself meeting a new friend: a friend with compassion, empathy, […]

Our Guide to New Fall Shows!

Here’s Dove’s list of potential new television shows for our audience. While previews are not readily available, we have considered the subject matter and those participating when giving our best suggestion to help individuals and families filter through the options. All Rise (CBS, Monday, September 23) When newly appointed judge Lola Carmichael (Simone Missick) sets […]

Alexandra Boylan Dishes on Catching Faith & Women in Hollywood

By Jacob Sahms In Catching Faith, Alexandra Boylan told a story about a woman with a perfect life: a high school football star for a son, a straight A student for a daughter, and a successful businessman for a husband. But when the family’s image is challenged, the woman struggles to figure out how God […]

Alex Kendrick Wants Us to Find Our Identity in Christ

By Jacob Sahms Every time a Kendrick Brothers film finishes its theatrical run, Alex and Stephen Kendrick spend time in prayer, asking God what they should do next. With myriad ideas, the two explore separately and together what their next project might look like, with God’s nudges pushing them in the direction they feel called […]

Rob DePalo’s Story is a Tapestry of God’s Making

By Jacob Sahms Ryan Goodwin is broken, beaten down by a series of situations and decisions that leave him questioning his purpose in Tapestry, a film starring Stephen Baldwin and directed by Ken Kushner. But Tapestry isn’t just a fictional film aimed at telling a parable about how God moves – it’s also the heartfelt […]

Dove Recommends Summer Classics

Summer is here! Dove offers you a few films for summertime viewing. Dolphin Tale (Dove Approved All Ages) The film is inspired by the true story of a dolphin named Winter who was rescued off the Florida coast and taken in by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. It centers on a boy who befriends an injured […]

For Memorial Day: Faith of Our Fathers

By Jacob Sahms While Memorial Day often signifies the opening of neighborhood pools and the launch of summer, the holiday is intended as a celebration of those who died in the service of their country. Historically, the day traces back to at least the American Civil War, when surviving family members and communities honored fallen […]