Dove Watch List

Films for Father’s Day

Looking for some Father’s Day films? We have what you need right here! Selfie Dad (2020, Dove Approved All Ages) Ben Marcus hates his job and feels disconnected from his family. Grieving the loss of his parents and fearful of following in his father’s tragic footsteps, he sets aside his passion for comedy to provide […]

A Father’s Legacy (Fathom Event): The Choices We Make

By Jacob Sahms In A Father’s Legacy, Nick (Jason Mac) feels cornered, trapped by his life, and so he runs. He runs toward violence, toward impulse, toward very bad decisions. But as providence would have it, he finds himself holed up in the forest cabin of Billy Ford (Tobin Bell) who has his own struggles […]

Finding You: Call, Purpose, & True Love in Ireland

By Jacob Sahms Musician Finley Sinclair (Rose Reid) performs with a technical accuracy that hits all of the right notes, but lacks the spirit or passion to play with complete abandon. When she’s denied entry to a New York conservatory, she heads to Ireland for a semester abroad, hoping to discover her spark. On the […]

Films from the Baseball Diamond

Baseball is in the air! Here are some baseball films to consider for your family’s entertainment. The Rookie  (Dove Approved 12+) Old timer Jimmy Morris (Dennis Quaid) tucked away his dream of playing professional baseball twelve years ago after a shoulder injury ended his short time in the minor leagues. Now, he’s a high school baseball […]

A Week Away (Netflix): Redemption at Summer Camp

By Jacob Sahms In Netflix’s new musical, troubled teen Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) gets one last chance after stealing a police car: he’s sent to the Christian camp, Camp Weegaway, under the watchful eye of David Koechner’s camp director. He has a chance to find a new way forward, and maybe this camp will end […]

Raya and the Last Dragon (Disney+): Come Together

By Jacob Sahms Five tribes of humans remain splintered in the world of Kumandra. Once, the dragons defended the human world from the Druun, a nebulous, malevolent force that seems to manifest as a result of humanity’s worst instincts (the selfish, angry ones). The dragons fended them off with an orb that caused the dragons […]

Safety (Disney+): Football & Family Take the Field

By Jacob Sahms In the late 1990s, Ray McElrathbey arrived at Clemson University, focused on playing football for Tigers coach Tommy Bowden. But McElrathey’s freshman year didn’t end up exactly like he planned: when his drug-addicted mother wound up in rehab again, McElrathey couldn’t sit by and watch as his younger brother, Fahmarr, became a […]

Fifty States of Reunification: The Leavertons Tell Their Story

By Jacob Sahms As the senior field director for Republican senator Bob Corker of Tennessee (2007-19), David Leaverton had seen the way people were polarized against each other over issues of politics and society. Prior to his political stint, Leaverton had punted for the University of Tennessee’s 1998 National Champion Volunteers (tackling Florida State Seminole […]

Vindication’s Todd Terry Balances Realtor & Local Detective

By Jacob Sahms A veteran of shows like Breaking Bad and American Crime, Todd Terry balances a full-time career as a realtor in Dallas, Texas, with pursuing his acting dream. Because both roles are flexible, he’s been able to provide for his family while continuing to find ways to tell new stories. Now, audiences can […]

The Best Films I Watched in 2020

By Jacob Sahms There are so many problems with “best of” lists. They’re subjective; the proximity to the writing of the list impacts how films are remembered; the audience the list is prepared for receives each list differently. But 2020 is such a weird year to consider, with the cinematic industry shut down in terms […]