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Dove Football Film Countdown

The big game is just days away with two teams primed to compete for this year’s Lombardi trophy. Will it be the New England Patriots extending their dynasty, winning for a sixth time behind Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, or will the Los Angeles Rams’ young star coach Sean McVay lead his team to the […]

Dove Historical Heroes Countdown

On Monday, January 21, 2019, we’ll celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr., a pioneer who broke down barriers racially, socially, and religiously through his teaching and example. At Dove, we’ve assembled a list of films about historical heroes for your consideration, as you celebrate how God can move us to make a difference in the world, […]

The Golden Globes vs. The Oscars

By Michael Wahle When the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences announced its intention this past August to add a new category to the annual Oscar Awards that honors “achievement in popular film,” it essentially confirmed a suspicion we’ve all had for years: the Academy is a panic-stricken organization in the midst of a […]

Dove Christmas Countdown: Christmas Films to Remind You of Your Calling

By Jacob Sahms It’s almost Christmas. We can almost hear, see, taste, and touch Christmas but it’s not here yet! In our preparations for the coming celebration, many of us use films to warm ourselves up for the occasion, to get our hearts ready for what’s coming. At Dove, we’ve assembled The Dove Christmas Countdown […]

The Dove Christmas Countdown

Welcome to the Dove Christmas Countdown! Christmas is a special time of year as we celebrate the preparation for and the coming of the baby Jesus. It’s also that time of year that has generated movies of its own for decades, the movies that we watch year after year and some that gradually get added […]

Top Five for Family Fun

Looking for a film that will help the family focus on gratitude this Thanksgiving? Let Dove offer some of our favorites! Free Birds Two turkeys from opposite sides of the tracks must put aside their differences and team up to travel back in time to change the course of history – and get turkey off […]

A Mesmerizing Journey

Julie Levac, originally published on The title alone is captivating. What is the Green Book? Tony “Lip” Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen) was a tough New York bouncer working hard to provide for his family. When the club he worked for closed, Tony needed quick work to pay the bills. He heard of an opportunity driving […]

Have You Seen It Yet?

As the story continues, Dove remains excited for this wonderfully evolving family story. God Friended Me is a poignant new series filled with great talent and fun conversation starters. In the 11/11 episode, The Prodigal Son” Miles is forced to face uncomfortable truths about his family when the God Account for the first time points him […]