Hot Takes

The Falcon & Winter Soldier (Disney+): Marvel Has More to Say

By Jacob Sahms Two episodes into the latest entry in Disney/Marvel’s Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Falcon & Winter Soldier, it’s clear that Malcolm Spellman’s script carries the weight of fans’ and audiences’ expectations on the broad shoulders of Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. As Falcon and Winter Soldier/Bucky, the two actors provide […]

Yes Day (Netflix): The Weight of Responsibility

By Jacob Sahms Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s 2009 children’s book (co-written by Todd Lichtenheld) Yes Day! received the motion picture treatment by Netflix, and the result is a family-friendly day-long adventure of insane hijinks and lessons about responsibility and authority for kids and adults alike. Allison Torres (Jennifer Garner) has grown tired of being the bad guy, the […]

Flora & Ulysses: The Squirrel’s the Limit

By Jacob Sahms The author of The Tale of Despereaux and the Mercy Watson series, Kate Camillo has won two Newbery Medals for her beautiful stories involving animals. Screenwriter Brad Copeland (Arrested Development) has taken Camillo’s other Newbury Medal win, Flora & Ulysses, and developed it into another cinematic win for Disney+. A blend of […]

Bobbi Jo – Under the Influence: When You’ve Been to the Bottom

By Jacob Sahms Bobbi Jo Reed began drinking at twelve, and before too long, she was running away, experimenting with other drugs and sex. By the time she was thirty, she had been raped, beaten, and left for dead… multiple times. But in her mid-thirties, she experienced sobriety, met Jesus, and started a ministry to […]

Palmer (AppleTV+): Figuring Out Who You Are

By Jacob Sahms Eddie Palmer (Justin Timberlake) had it all as a hotshot football player, but injuries led him to the dark road of painkillers, alcohol, and bad decisions. Twelve years after committing a crime that only he paid for, Palmer returns to his hometown, to live with his grandmother (June Squibb). She’s taken in […]

Wandavision (Disney+): Can Vision & the Scarlet Witch Be Truly Human?

By Jacob Sahms Where do we start with Wandavision? Let’s begin with the basics: the new Disney+ shares the story of the android Vision (Paul Bettany) and the human Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) as they arrive in the old school community of Westview as a newly-married couple. Initially shown in black and […]

Pieces of a Woman: Choosing the Way Forward

By Jacob Sahms In the first thirty minutes of Netflix’s Pieces of a Woman, a couple in Boston make preparations for the birth of their first child in their home, and lose that child. The rest of the film is the fallout and ripples of that moment, as people pursue their desire for answers. To […]

Gun and a Hotel Bible: Asking Hard Questions of the Word

By Jacob Sahms One night, a man named Pete (Bradley Gosnell) enters the hotel room where Gid (Daniel Floren), a Gideon Bible, exists, waiting for hotel guests to interact with him. But on this night, Pete has a gun and bad intentions, based on a dream relationship that has broken down, and Gid will face […]

Wonder Woman 1984: Denying Yourself for the Greater Good

By Jacob Sahms Wonder Woman 1984 isn’t what fanboys and fangirls were expecting, and the Internet is abuzz with whether or not the film was a justifiable use of Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince, Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor and the Mandalorian’s, I mean Pedro Pascal’s, Maxwell Lord, alongside Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah. At a run time of two […]

The Art of Political Murder: Another Prophet Ends Up Murdered

By Jacob Sahms On April 26, 1998, someone entered the garage attached to the parish house of San Sebastian Church where Bishop Juan Gerardi was appointed priest. Two days prior, Gerardi had published Guatemala: Nunca más, part of the Recovery of Historical Memory (REMHI) project that highlighted government suppression after the civil war in Guatemala. On that […]