producer: Andrew Macdonald


Annihilation, more or less, takes place in what is known as "The Shimmer," a lengthwise stretch of mysterious forest from which no one returns. Lena (Natalie Portman) joins a team of female scientists journeying into The Shimmer with her own agenda of discovering what happened to her husband (Oscar [...]


The special effects are executed nicely in this film but, unfortunately, for the most part the characters are not memorable and the plot is a downer and even slow moving for much of the middle of the film. The setting is the bleakness and loneliness of space. In this setting man's inner evil tries [...]

The Beach

July 25, 2000
This dark, depressing hodgepodge has the lead mistakenly thinking he can find satisfaction by filling his own existence with new and untried experiences. He even drinks an animal’s blood! (There’s nothing like drinking the blood of a snake to show rebellion against the establishment.) The [...]