producer: Ashok Amritraj

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

February 17, 2012
Ghost Rider is certainly an action/adventure and the chases and killings never stop. From start to finish we see people shot, blown up, consumed in flames, rot to dust. If someone isn't dying or killing, they're chasing each other in cars, on motor cycles or demonizing industrial grinding/drilling [...]

Death Sentence

August 31, 2007
Kevin Bacon gives a good performance in “Death Sentence” as a man who decides to administer his own brand of vigilante justice after his son is murdered. When he hears that his son’s killer will likely spend only 3 to 5 years in prison, he seeks violent revenge and sinks to the level of the [...]


March 23, 2007
This film does a good job in giving the audience something to puzzle over. Why is Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) waking up one day and her husband is dead, and waking up another to find him alive? Is it in her head? Is it somehow really happening? I found this film interesting to watch and the [...]


October 21, 2005
Many girls dream of a Prince riding in on his silver steed to save her. Mirabelle sees Ray as that Prince. As happens from time to time in real life, sometimes we pick the wrong person to be the Prince. In this movie it is no different. The girl falls for the wrong guy and is left behind with the [...]


October 12, 2001
"Bandits" contains unnecessary foul language, disrespect for authority and immorality. Joe justifies robbing banks because the funds are federally insured. The two crooks steal vehicles by politely enticing young women to hand over car keys. Their first night out is spent in a home where they [...]

Whats The Worst that Could Happen

June 1, 2001
While the film veers away from most of the crude humor associated with today’s comedies, it still has enough bawdiness – and offensiveness - to go around. There’s a flamboyant police detective to make fun of. (Gays won’t like that.) A ditzy old lady maces the cops. (The elderly have [...]