producer: Brian Grazer

The Dilemma

January 14, 2011
I had high hopes for this film after screening it for the first several minutes. There was little language in it and it seemed to be a buddy movie with some laughs in it. Then, it changed direction, suddenly, like a locomotive. The next thing I knew I discovered that it is very disjointed with [...]

Robin Hood

May 14, 2010
Russell Crowe plays Robin as a grim, quiet but doggedly determined character. He occasionally allows himself a light moment and smiles. When it is decided he must sleep in the same room as Lady Marion, in order to pull off a ruse that he is her husband so she doesn't lose her land due to her newly [...]


October 31, 2008
“Changeling” tells the story of a mother’s quest to find her missing son; but there is a lot more to the plot than the disappearance of one little boy. When the police present Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie) with a boy she says is not her son, their dogged insistence that she is wrong [...]

American Gangster

November 2, 2007
OK. I knew the movie wasn't titled "Pollyanna", but still, "American Gangster" has so much strong language, violence and blood, nudity and sex outside of marriage, that it is just way over the top. The film is saturated with drug use, revenge and unrestrained pleasure. The scenes which bring the [...]

Inside Man

March 24, 2006
"Inside Man" has a very interesting premise and catches your attention right from the beginning. While being well written, I found that Russell Gewirtz really likes the f-word and other obscene language that easily could have been left out of the story. Denzel puts in a good performance as the [...]

My Girl

June 15, 1991

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Young Anna Chlumsky gives a fine performance in this drama/comedy which deals with the topic of death. She plays Vada Sultenfuss, whose mother died a few days after Vada's birth, and now the eleven year old hangs out mainly with her best friend Thomas, played by Macaulay Culkin. Vada's father, a [...]

Friday Night Lights

October 8, 2004
Here is a film that could have been very family-friendly but it seems to have purposefully avoided it by injecting unnecessary vulgar language and sexual escapedes of high school age kids. The end message of the film was good. The writing was good. The acting was good. The photography direction [...]

Undercover Brother

May 31, 2002
Much of UNDERCOVER BROTHER’s humor comes from black characters making fun of stereotyped Caucasians’ eating globs of mayonnaise, uptight attitude about sex, and obsession with 401K plans. Likewise, stereotypical black characters’ habits and expressions are parodied by Mr. Feather and his [...]

Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas

November 17, 2000

Dove Approved for All Ages

In 1966, Dr. Seuss’s classic picture book was transformed into an animated TV masterpiece by Warner Brothers cartoonist Chuck Jones. The seasonal fixture featured the amiable voice of Boris Karloff as the rhyming narrator and the title character. It still holds up today as delightful family [...]

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

July 28, 2000
Although Mr. Murphy breaks me up, he just can’t get very far from crudity and profanity. “The Nutty Professor: 2” is rated PG-13 for one crude sexual comment after another. When humor isn’t extracted from broad sexual innuendo, Mr. Murphy turns to gross-out visuals, jokes about old age [...]