producer: Christian Colson

Battle of the Sexes

September 22, 2017
“Battle of the Sexes” tells the story of how Billie Jean King, played convincingly by Emma Stone, contributed to the women’s liberation movement and grappled with her own sexuality amidst worldwide notoriety. She is portrayed as a level-headed tennis player—a fighter who was not afraid to [...]

127 Hours

January 28, 2011
This movie features a strong performance by James Franco, who has been nominated for a best actor Oscar. He draws the viewer into his pain. As I screened this film I felt his anger, his frustration, his hopelessness and finally his desperation as he cuts off his own arm in order to survive having [...]

Slumdog Millionaire

January 23, 2009
This film does a good job in showing what can happen when two brothers each choose different paths. Young Salim becomes involved with crime and violence and it becomes a way of life for him. Younger brother Jamal seeks to find a pretty young girl named Latika who was separated from his brother and [...]

The Descent

August 4, 2006
I would have liked this movie if it had just been about six women spelunkers who get trapped in cave and have to find a way out; that would have been terrifying in and of itself. Unfortunately, the people who made "The Descent" had to throw in that extra little (ridiculous) tidbit of man-eating (or [...]