producer: Christopher Eberts

Whos Your Caddy?

A modern day "Caddy Shack" is the theme for this uproarious comedy about prejudice in a high class country club. Unfortunately, the lead character shows no self-control and he and his friends exhibit the stereo-typical behavior expected from a gangsta' rapper and his posse. This could have been a [...]

Lucky Number Slevin

Bruce Willis seems to be drawn to movies that rarely have happy endings and this one is no different. This film was reminiscent of an Elmore Leonard movie in its twists and turns but unfortunately, around every corner someone is being graphically murdered in cold blood. From past to present to [...]

Lucky Number Slevin – Filtered

The Clear Play filtering does not do much for “Lucky Number Slevin.” For one thing, I got the feeling that some crucial events were edited, making it difficult to understand everything that was happening. Even after the Clear Play editing, the content of this film is still inappropriate and [...]


An effective cat and mouse thriller that fascinates the viewer, but the sadistic pleasure the madman gets out of tormenting the law and his victims becomes unnerving. Also troubling, is the impish characterization Reeves gives his nutcase. He’s witty, buffed and skilled. He’s more steamy [...]