producer: David Brown

Few Good Men, A – Edited

June 22, 2005

Dove Approved for All Ages

This was a really interesting and powerful movie. The first scene shows two of the best Marines in the unit sneaking into their fellow Marine's room and taping him up, getting ready to beat him, and performing a "Code Red"—a disciplinary action carried out by fellow soldiers. But Code Reds are [...]

Jaws 2 – Filtered

May 22, 2001

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Jaws is at it again, attacking a group of friends on a sailing trip. Although there were not any graphic scenes in this movie it may be a little scary for younger viewers, especially when the shark tries to knock the boats over and attempts to attack some people. There was just one scene that was [...]

Along Came a Spider

Whatever a film’s weaknesses, it always has a redeeming value if Morgan Freeman is in the cast. Truly an exceptional actor, Freeman doesn’t need verbose dialogue or scene-chewing antics to keep us glued to the screen. He has a mystic presence. Real, yet charismatic, he’s intense and always [...]


Somehow religious dogma had become so strict among the citizens of Lansquenet that exclusion became more important than inclusion. For once these characters turned their backs on vice, they also began turning their backs on those with vices. The mayor’s pious and controlling underlying attitude [...]