producer: Denzel Washington

The Equalizer 2

July 20, 2018
When he’s not working as a Lyft driver, Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) moonlights as the self-appointed friendly neighborhood equalizer, a vigilante-style assassin with a big heart for the little guy. With an apartment complex to watch out for and the life of a dear friend to avenge, McCall [...]

Roman Israel, Esq.

If Denzel Washington is going to continue to choose films that revolve entirely around him, his characters had better be dynamic and significant. Unfortunately, Roman J. Israel, Esq., the lead character of the film by the same name, is neither. Roman is a lawyer with a quirky persona who possesses [...]


"Fences" is an apt title for this dramatic film, as it focuses on a man who wants to keep some things inside and other things out. Denzel Washington gives a layered performance as Troy Maxson, a husband and father who works as a garbage man. His wife Rose (Viola Davis) loves him loyally, and he [...]