producer: Dino De Laurentiis


February 9, 2001
What can I say about Hannibal? With tongue in cheek, I can say it is gut-wrenching, or it is a sliver of life. I have watched many a movie over the years, and I’m familiar with all tricks of the trade. Hannibal special effects people, however, got me this time. In one special “brain-teaser” [...]


April 21, 2000
There have been many great wartime sub movies throughout the years, perhaps the best being “The Hunt For Red October,” but “U-571” adds nothing new to the genre. It doesn’t just freely borrow from other submarine movies, it downright steals from them. The plot development, the [...]

King Kong (1976)

December 17, 1976
This is the 1976 remake of the original "King Kong" film from 1933. Some things have changed including the fact the giant Kong climbs to the top of the now-gone World Trade Center rather than the Empire State Building. The language also has changed as this modern version is loaded with strong [...]