producer: Elie Samaha

Half Past Dead – Edited

August 26, 2003

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Well here is another typical Steven Seagal film. They go to extremes to rescue people or put the bad guys out of business. Always fighting the odds and winning is his film formula. So, if you like shoot em up Steven Seagal films, you will like this one too. There is basically non-stop violence [...]

Angel Eyes – Filtered

The idea behind the movie is excellent. A terrible car accident links Catch, the victim who loses both his wife and son, and Sharon, a cop who is dealing with abuse in her family. Catch, who believes the accident was his fault, spends every day trying to help people. Sharon became a cop to put [...]

Angel Eyes

"J-Lo" proves she’s more than just a pretty face or voice, in this romance/drama that explores unusual and heavy themes. Lopez handles the drama well but the script goes in too many directions to let her really run with the character. She and Caviezel have great chemistry together despite the [...]


THE GOOD:…. If you want a fast-paced, adrenaline rush, with a loud, music-driven story that puts the audience in the driver’s seat to experience the exhilarating, realistic world of CART racing with action packed thrills from the opening scene to the last, go see this movie! Renny Harlin’s [...]


Rather than examine the qualities and the neglects of this film (and there are both), let me just give a rundown of what you will see and hear. 1. We see a gory crime scene with lots of crimson red covering snow, and finally the dead, mutilated body of a murdered 8-year-old girl. We learn that she [...]

Animal Factory

In the press notes, we are told that America has gone on a correctional “binge,” incarcerating a higher percentage of its population than in any other country. The film then proceeds to show us that life in prison is tortuous. It is a constant vigil to protect oneself from senseless brutality [...]

Get Carter

A typical formulaic actioneer with tons of swagger and posterior-kicking fury, “Get Carter” is marred by brutal excessiveness – a malady that often passes for entertainment in this genre. Stallone proved in “Rocky” that he had some depth as an actor, but he has always been forced to [...]

Battlefield Earth

Try as I might, I found this movie to be completely lacking in redeeming qualities. The humans believe they are ruled by gods and demons, and the Psychlos believe only in themselves. There is a lot of violence, with much destruction, gunfire, and fighting, but no blood. The language is mild with a [...]