producer: Frank Mancuso Jr.

I Know Who Killed Me

The plot behind this Lindsay Lohan-driven film is simple: a young woman recovering from mysterious cuts is not who you think she is. She alone holds the key to discovering her look-alike persona, a missing college student. The film did a nice job of leaving enough clues to help the viewer follow [...]


This film had a chance to be Dove approved until about the last fifteen minutes and then some very strong language doomed it. It is not a great film anyways as far as family is concerned, due to the sexual innuendos and some mild language leading up to the strong stuff. Two close friends, Tech and [...]

Internal Affairs – Filtered

March 9, 1999
An undercover cop tries to find out who is leaking information to criminals. He eventually figures out who it is, but he is killed and the mole lives on. This movie is hard to follow-you have to watch it closely. There were a few things which made the movie inappropriate. One example of this is the [...]

Ronin – Filtered

February 23, 1999

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

A group of men, Sam ( Robert De Niro) who used to be in the CIA and is the main leader, and other men with a lot of skills are hired by liaison Dedra to steal a suitcase without knowing what is in it. They have to find it somewhere in Euope. The group travels from city to city with a lot of high [...]