producer: George Butler

The Endurance

February 2, 2008

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This is a fascinating real-life story about an extraordinary man and his crew, Ernest Shackleton and the sea crew of "The Endurance". Shackleton planned his 1914 journey to be the first expedition to cross the Antarctic continent but instead his ship was beset by massive ice and eventually crushed. [...]

Shackeltons Antarctic Adventure (IMAX)

February 10, 2001

Dove Approved for All Ages

Ernest Shackleton set out in 1914 with 27 men and 70 dogs on an ambitious journey to cross the Antarctic. His boat the "Endurance" was aptly named from his family motto, “by endurance we conquer.” After their ship became frozen and was unable to go any further, the explorer and his men needed [...]