producer: Grant Hill

A Hidden Life

December 13, 2019

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

A Hidden Life opens in 1939 when Austrian farmer Franz Jägerstätter leaves his young wife and children on their farm to train in the German army. His experience clearly leaves him distrustful of the Nazi agenda, and he returns hoping that the war will be over soon. But the war drags on, his [...]

Ninja Assassin

November 25, 2009
It would really be nice to say a few good things about this movie. Okay, some of the martial arts scenes were pretty well done. On the other hand, this film includes a ton of violence and bloody scenes, and it does not come close to being family friendly. Also, the movie includes political murders [...]

Speed Racer

May 9, 2008
"Speed Racer" promotes two vitally important values, that our families should be extremely important to us, and secondly that cheaters never prosper. It is unfortunate that the messages are sent via several violent scenes with the use of strong language, including a biblical profanity. The movie [...]

V for Vendetta

March 17, 2006
This movie is like so many others made in Hollywood these days. It has an interesting story and some good moments, but the violence and language are very strong and do not allow us to award it the Dove Seal. The blood is sprayed in this one as the character of V, and his enemies, cause the early [...]

Hell on the Border

When Bass Reeves (David Gyasi) first appears, he’s a hired assistant to a white U.S. Marshal, and he hauls racist outlaw Charlie Strong (Ron Perlman) out of a swamp. After the white marshals block Reeves from becoming a deputy, he sets out after outlaw Bob Dozier (Frank Grillo), when the rest of [...]