producer: Jamie R Thompson

A Mermaid’s Tale

May 9, 2017

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

The wondrous ocean has many secrets and things to learn about. This fantasy story tells of a young girl, Ryan, and her father Matt, as they return to the little fishing town off the coast to help Matt's dad. Moving is always a big adventure for anyone, and for Ryan, she now has to get to know her [...]

Born Again Dogs: Christmas Song (Manuscript)

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This manuscript has a lot of potential. The dogs are cute and often funny and Jake is a realistic character who undergoes a dramatic change and due to the Lord Jesus, not due to himself. The fact he is concerned about getting the $30 to help free the dog that is scheduled to be put to sleep shows [...]

Turtle Tale

Dove Approved for All Ages

Turtle Tale celebrates diversity in all sorts of ways—between people, specifically through their talents and passions, and between animals, with a cast of critters who speak to one another in live action. As films for young audiences go, an ensemble-driven storyline seems a rarity, and the film [...]

Sk8 Dawg

Dove Approved for All Ages

Sk8 Dawg is a rollicking good time! The skateboarding moves are fun to watch, and Buddy, the talking dog, is a hoot to listen to! The Schooners own a business, Modern Skate, and Dad has always been pre-occupied with work and with skating with his daughter, Tommy's older sister, Sally. She's so good [...]