producer: Jeffrey Clifford

No Strings Attached

As far as we're concerned from a family perspective, this film places the proverbial cart before the horse. A guy named Adam (Ashton Kutcher) and a girl named Emma (Natalie Portman) decide to base a relationship entirely on sex and it is only later that they actually experience a first date and [...]

Up in the Air

This movie examines the lonely life of Ryan, a frequent traveler. At first, his life appears enjoyable. Traveling around with no strings attached. But life is due to change and for this poor soul, it should. One would typically think that a film of this type would have a deep and profound [...]

Post Grad

This comedy features some well known actors including Michael Keaton and Carol Burnett, who plays a politically incorrect grandmother. They offer some humorous moments with Keaton's role being that of a stubborn father who has to be in control and do everything himself. The eccentric family [...]