producer: Laurence Mark

The Greatest Showman

December 20, 2017

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

The story finds its inspiration in the life of Phineas Taylor Barnum whose ingenious vision brought to life the Barnum and Bailey Circus in the late 19th century. To play the role of the creative showman, who better than Hollywood's very own Renaissance man of talent, Hugh Jackman. In this [...]

Julie and Julia

August 7, 2009
This film just missed receiving our Dove Seal due to the utterance of the dreaded F bomb and a strong sexual comment. It's too bad this word and a sexual slang was included as the film could have been awarded our Seal for ages twelve plus. It definitely has its funny moments, including a cooking [...]


December 25, 2006
“Dreamgirls" takes the audience into a facsimile of the world of Motown in the 60's. It reveals the underbelly of the recording business including payola schemes and the struggle black entertainers had to endure in the white-dominated pop music world. Like the Broadway musical from which its [...]

Last Holiday

January 13, 2006

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"Last Holiday" is one of the most uplifting and kind spirited films that I have seen this year. Georgia Byrd (Queen Latifah) is a God fearing woman who is kind and considerate and has always lived her life quietly. When she finds out her days are numbered she decides to live it up while she still [...]


September 21, 2001
WOW! Mariah Carey can sing. This film captures the range of Carey's singing voice and has many songs packed with emotion. Also, many other songs that fuel the dance craze of the 1980's. If you like Mariah Carey, I think you will enjoy this film. This film is very typical of a unknown artists' [...]

Center Stage

May 12, 2000
The acting isn't the best, but the story is great, and the dancing is fantastic. It was fun to watch and very inspirational. Unfortunately, a few bad words were put in, mostly by the character who plays the rebel. She also smokes constantly. One of the lead characters is gay (quite common [...]

Hanging Up

February 18, 2000
When not squirming in my seat from the pretentious and often, supercilious attempts at humor (while cooking a turkey dinner, the sisters, dressed in Donna Karan, begin laughing hysterically after a baking flour fight breaks out), I questioned, “Is this really what women had in mind when they [...]