producer: Lisa Ellzey


Unhinged is a movie you won’t soon forget. For those who have sat at a green light, waiting for the vehicle ahead to start going, or for those who honked at another vehicle only to see the driver become angry, this road rage relatable film is for you. Of course, Russell Crowe is playing the [...]

Nine Lives

November 1, 2016

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"Nine Lives" is a hilarious comedy about a man who is a big mogul in almost everything in his life. He is so busy with his corporations that he does not have time for the real things in life like his family. Tom does not have time to take a call from his second wife, for remembering his young [...]

In Her Shoes

October 7, 2005
This movie will make you laugh and cry as you watch the ups and downs between two sisters. It reminded me of some that I have had in the past with my own younger sister. Not that they were the same, but all sisters have a few differences about things here and there. It brought a smile to my face [...]

In Her Shoes – Filtered

October 7, 2005
Sisters and best friends Maggie and Rose are complete opposites. Rose is the sister who always has to take care of Maggie. She picks her up when she is drunk, gives her a place to stay, and helps her find a job. After all her kindness and generosity, Maggie does an awful thing to Rose and Rose [...]