producer: Moshe Diamant


August 30, 2013
This movie could rightly be called "Grand Theft Auto" but the filmmakers must have spent all of their money wrecking vehicles leaving nothing left for the license fee for the brand. Other brands that were prevalent were Apple products as well as the Ford Shelby Cobra Mustang. With non-stop car [...]

Tristan and Isolde

January 13, 2006
This film is one which falls into a particular category of Dove non-approved movies-it has some good acting, direction, music, and some good moments, but the amount of violence and the adulterous affair of the two characters named in the title prevent it from being Dove approved as a family film. [...]

Extreme Ops

May 6, 2003
This is unlike any other film which I have seen. It starts out fairly slowly and then really speeds down the tracks at film's end. A Serbian war criminal hunts down several extreme skiers in the Alps at the film's climax. Their attempts to escape and to nail him conclude with a fast paced ending. [...]

The Musketeer

September 7, 2001
The good: This is a great popcorn movie that older kids to teens can enjoy along with adults. Even though the Musketeers has been done before, this one adds a unique touch by adding the incredible choreographed fight scenes from Xin Xin Xiong. This is an interesting tribute in that it combines the [...]