producer: Orly Adelson

For the Love of Grace

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

We all know that fire fighters are special, but do we ever think of the things that may be hard for them? This is a story about two people from different ways of life that are brought together by a fire. Steve and Grace both go through some changes after the fire that alters both their lives. [...]

The Good Witch

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Hallmark scores again with this wonderful presentation of “The Good Witch.” Cassie moves into the “haunted” house of the neighborhood and this story keeps you guessing if she is a witch, as some people assume, or just the mysterious new girl in town. The assumption that Cassie is a witch [...]

Truth About Jane

With a witty and poignant script and outstanding performances, “The Truth About Jane” examines the dilemma of having a gay child. It does so without exploitation and with great sensitivity, but due to a couple of scenes that show two girls kissing and getting into bed (no nudity), plus the [...]