producer: Paul Schiff

Proud Mary

January 12, 2018
Proud Mary promises a lot, even from the first shots, but executes very little. The fusion of sounds and images with a bit of cold-blooded edge to the film's prologue suggest a solid throwback picture, reminiscent of blaxploitation cinema of the 1970s. Sadly, even in the first five minutes of the [...]

My All American

November 13, 2015

Dove Approved for 18+

"My All American" is an inspiring film. It is based on the true story of Freddie Steinmark, a smaller-than-usual football player who made a name for himself, thanks to his tremendous grit and positive attitude. Finn Wittrock is terrific in his role of Freddie. Freddie winds up playing safety for [...]

Epic Movie

January 26, 2007
One family walked out of this movie at the screening I attended. I wouldn't have minded joining them. However, it's our job at Dove to inform the public of the content of films and I am sad to say that this film had a lot of unwholesome content. In fact, it would be impossible to use the word [...]

Date Movie

February 17, 2006
What do you get when you take the worst parts of every 'chick flick' made in the past 10 years? That's right, you get one of the worst date movies I've ever seen. Attention spans for the intended teen audience don't last too long so fortunately, this movie didn't either. I can only guess at the [...]

Whatever It Takes

March 24, 2000
One scene has our hero out of sight while feeding romantic lines to the brute who wishes to woo the pretty girl standing on a stage balcony. That’s as close to “Cyrano de Bergerac” as this teen sex romp gets. But then the intended audience would most likely ask, “Cyrano, who?” Although [...]