producer: Peter Abrams

Old Dogs

November 25, 2009

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

The old dogs still have it. Both Robin Williams and John Travolta are funny in this new Disney film, and they mesh well playing long time friends, Dan and Charlie. They have moved up in the ranks in marketing at their jobs and are near closing a sweet deal with a Japanese firm. Then Dan (Williams) [...]

The Comebacks

October 19, 2007
I enjoy watching football and over the years have enjoyed many movies about the game. But this spoof is so stupid that I can't even say it is funny. Don't misunderstand, it does contain some comedic parts but there aren't enough of them to keep you laughing very long. They tried hard to tie in [...]

Van Wilder Deux: The Rise of Taj

December 1, 2006
This film is geared toward young adults in their late teens and early twenties-young adults who, if they see this film, will be exposed to sex outside of marraige, nudity, drinking and smoking, and a ton of filthy language. There are no consequences for actions in this film, other than a snooty [...]

Employee of the Month

October 6, 2006
This movie may appeal to teens and young adults, but I can't imagine it appealing to any mature age group at all, and that includes the mature teens and mature young adults! The one positive thing I gleaned from this film is that Zack (Dane Cook) seems to learn that if he truly cares about his job [...]


October 5, 2001
The good: This is a cleverly written, modern day love story using funny scenarios, interesting characters and a storyline that relies on the premise of fate to create fairytale romance magic. Anyone and everyone who’s ever dated can relate to the popular belief that when love is “meant to [...]

Wedding Planner

January 26, 2001
Two very likeable screen actors, Lopez and McConnaughey do their best to get us through this throwback to all those empty-headed Doris Day/Rock Hudson comedies of the mid-‘60s. Don’t misunderstand, I loved the Day/Hudson combo, but let’s get real, the three films they made were pretty silly [...]

Pay It Forward

October 20, 2000
“Pay It Forward” is an engaging, uplifting film that purports a selfless deed can alter the lives of others forever. Unbeknown to the film’s young hero, his caring acts for others catch on, leading people throughout the country to do the same. Once again, Hunt and Spacey give [...]