producer: Robert Teitel

The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give is an inspirational film for its time. Though it felt long to sit through, it was important to watch, and the superb acting by everyone made up for what it lacked in editing. The content was exceptionally balanced, given its heated and sometimes controversial subject matter. The [...]

Barbershop: The Next Cut

"Barbershop: The Next Cut" is about a barber named Calvin (Ice Cube) who has run his shop in the south side of Chicago for many years, and he is tired of the violence. He and the other barbers in his shop start a cease-fire weekend, offering free haircuts, and yet one beloved young man loses his [...]

Nothing Like the Holidays

Holiday movies frequently bring families together to share their life stories and reveal things to each other that were here to fore unknown by the others. This film follows that tried and true storyline with a twist. This family surprises us with compassion, caring, reconciliation and [...]

Men of Honor

Every American institution has had segregation as a part of its make-up. Distrust, dislike, or just plain ignorance, has separated whites from blacks since the formation of our country. Overcoming bigotry has been a wearisome battle for minorities. But this continued struggle for equality has [...]