producer: Stephanie Allain

Black Snake Moan

March 2, 2007
Although it doesn’t seem like much good could come out of a movie about a young woman who is a sex addict, “Black Snake Moan” actually has a very positive message. Unfortunately, the way in which the message is delivered is far from family friendly. A man named Lazarus ends up being the [...]

Something New

February 3, 2006
This romantic comedy tackles the subject of interracial love and is genuinely funny. Kenya McQueen (Sanaa Lathan) is a senior banking manager and is all business-until she meets Brian (Simon Baker), a landscape gardener who not only livens up her backyard but her romantic life. He teaches her there [...]

Hustle and Flow

July 22, 2005
Terrence Dashon Howard’s name will be even more commonly known after this film. He delivers an excellent performance, showing the harsh reality of surviving the street life. Combine that with his role in “Crash”, and it shouldn’t be long before Howard has roles developed specifically for [...]