producer: Steve Greisen

Journey of Hope

November 14, 2006

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Former major league pitcher Dave Dravecky is featured in this award-winning DVD, as well as others who, like Dravecky, have faced cancer and other major obstacles along life's journey. This is a journey of hope and will encourage victims of tragedy as well as their loved ones. Several points are [...]

The Search for the Real Mt. Sinai

January 17, 2006

Dove Approved for All Ages

This is a fantastic documentary. The two adventurers in this film give not just one or two proofs to back up their claim that they found the real Mt. Sinai, but several proofs. Go on location with the two and see this off-limits mountain up close. The documentary is very well produced and has great [...]

Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution 3

December 10, 2004

Dove Approved for All Ages

This is the best of the three-volume set, and the other two were pretty good! This DVD combines great scientific knowledge with fantastic visuals which are a wonder to view. Dr. Jobe Martin, a biology major in college before teaching at Baylor College Of Dentistry, quotes Charles Darwin himself, [...]

First Love-A Historic Gathering of Jesus Music Pioneers

November 23, 2004

Dove Approved for All Ages

This is somewhat of a musical time piece, as it updates the viewers on singers and musicians involved in the "Jesus" movement during the late 60's and 70's, during the tumultuous time of flower children, hippies, and people demonstrating against the Viet Nam War. The singers include Terry Clark, [...]

Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution 2

December 8, 2002

Dove Approved for All Ages

This second volume in a three-volume set continues to produce outstanding, quality viewing. Dr. Jobe Martin is an expert in his field and continues his argument that creation itself teaches us that a creator is behind all the great designs. He even includes an example of a humpback whale, which has [...]

Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution 1

December 7, 2000

Dove Approved for All Ages

This documentary is awarded five out of five doves! Dr. Jobe Martin is utterly convincing in his belief in creative design following his former belief in the theory of evolution. As he takes the viewer through the documentary with incredible footage, and scientifically explains the built-in [...]