Proof – Filtered

Theatrical Release: October 14, 2005
DVD Release: February 14, 2006
Proof – Filtered


Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by David Auburn, “Proof” follows a devoted daughter (Paltrow) who comes to terms with the death of her father (Hopkins) a brilliant mathematician whose genius was crippled by mental insanity — and is forced to face her own long-harbored fears and emotions. She adjusts to his death with the help of one of her father’s former mathematical students (Gyllenhaal) who searches through her father’s notebooks in the hope of discovering a bit of his old brilliance. While coming to terms with the possibility that his genius, which she has inherited, may come at a painful price, her estranged sister (Davis) arrives to help settle their father’s affairs.

Dove Review

“Proof” was well crafted, but ultimately a slight bit under the potential that it had promised. I’m not going to lie-I came into this one with some expectations, but the film was still good enough for a four. As far as a family film is concerned, I only rated it a twelve and up because anyone under twelve isn’t going to understand what is going on most of the time. It is a movie about math and love, after all. That having been said, Gyllenhaal and Paltrow do a good job, but the acting required was a good bit of screaming. A slight bit of a love scene would normally proceed some love making, but the filter comes in and takes out the questionable nature of the exchange, relegating it to a mere smooch.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: A little yelling, nothing extensive.
Sex: Kissing
Language: None
Violence: A little yelling, nothing extensive.
Drugs: A bit of "party atmosphere" drinking.
Nudity: None
Other: The film is about love and suggested for ages twelve and above.


Company: Miramax Pictures
Writer: David Auburn
Director: John Madden
Producer: Robert Kessel
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 99 min.
Reviewer: Nick Lavelle